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 Reviewing some base knobs

You can call them bass knob, level controllers, sub boosters, whatever you want to call them basically they make your stuff louder or quieter depending on where you put the knob.

Pack LC 1

This is probably the most popular out of all three. This is also the cheapest. Honesty the knob is very smooth. This one has a nice solid feel to it.

What I also like about it too are the RCA cables. It’s over a foot long. Some of them have shorter cables which can make the installation look ugly and not very tidy.  But this has very nice long cables and again the gain curve is absolutely spot-on, no valleys, no peaks it's just a nice consistent slope as you turn it up and turns it down.

So overall for the price you just really can't beat it. So LLC 1 check in the box

DS 18 level control

It is a very nice unit obviously. You can see on the front there you have a built-in voltage meter which is blue.

On the side here you got a little bit of an adjuster. So you can adjust the voltage to match perfectly the voltage you're reading at the battery with a multimeter. 

You may need to adjust it because as you can see the cables here are a very small gauge that's one little negative and if you run that same gauge you know pretty far you're gonna get a voltage drop. But they compensate that by allowing you to adjust it so you can have your voltage match perfectly.

The knob itself is actually very fluid, very smooth. It feels almost similar to the pack LC 1.

One more cool feature is when you can actually turn this knob off, you can turn it back on.

Slam Panda custom-built control knob

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of art. As you can see I had custom blue LED lighting put in there. I had a red voltmeter that I wanted to install here and you can control it with the switch of a button there.

The level of control feels decent. I don't think it's as smooth as the pack LC one or the D s18. But it does its job.

It has nice long one-foot RCA cables and they're not cheap either and you can tell they're really really good quality. So overall definitely a great unit.

If you want to make it more attractive and unique then you can add custom bass knobs in different colors.


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