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Is a car salesman a transit worker?

Yes, a car salesman is a transit worker.

Who is a transit worker?

According to the law of the USA, a transit worker is "an employee of an FTA applicant, recipient, sub-recipient, or contractor who is involved in any aspect of an agency’s public transit operation funded by FTA." (Circular Section 1.6).

A transit worker is a man who is involved in any aspect of an agency’s public transit operation and not just those who plan routes and drive buses. Those who provide transport oversight, public rights management, accounting, and grant management, for example, anyone whose work involves any work in the transit program is considered a transit employee.

About car manufacturer or car dealership and their employee:

Most of the USA car manufacturers are with the Fair Trading Act (FTA) and all car dealers are affiliated with car manufacturers.

So it can be said that they and their employees are related to the transit program and they are transit workers.

Another information:

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