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The sundown Z v.5


The sundown Z v.5 is that the second intensify it's an “ultra-high excursion” subwoofer lineup after the X v.2 series and replaces the world-famous Z v.4 series.

In this new platform frames to a triple stacked 234mm (9.21”) diameter motor structure with a complete magnet stack height of 102mm (4.01”) featuring a hyper-extended pole and extreme clearances (allowing over 4″ p-p travel before mechanical bottom effectively making it unfathomable). 

Compared to the X v.2 motors both the highest & backplates are thicker allowing even far more magnetic strength and excursion potential.
This motor drives a 3″ diameter 4-Layer Flat Wire Aluminum Coil wound on a thick aluminum former to an incredibly high level of the excursion. 

The Z v.5 now uses an equivalent voice coil because the
NS v.3 series within the stock configuration – so it means it's now a way longer 4-layer compared to a shorter 8-layer found within the Z v.4 series. The 4-Layer coil is in a position to shed heat fast and furiously, it's a way lower inductance, and has less mass all while allowing a better linear excursion and thus significantly less distortion. They leveraged the much larger motor to stay total motor force almost like the Z v.4 Rev.2 while also having all of the opposite advantages listed prior. 

Compared to the Z v.4 Rev.2 there has also increased the thickness of the Magnet ID shorting ring by 33% to further reduce static inductance and inductive distortion over strong. supported their years of experience with the Z v.4 series they improved the voice coil ventilation to be even simpler and have reduced turbulence so as to scale back voice coil temperatures & increase reliability.

The sundown Z v.5 series was designed from the ground up to become the new standard within the low-frequency / small ported box subwoofer category during this price range. they're going to add an equivalent small enclosure that you simply are wont to using for Sundown Audio subwoofers, although, they're going to tolerate enclosures up to about 50% larger than those if you desire even more low-end extension.

The sundown Z v.5 series is basically a special quiet woofer thanks to its incredibly linear suspension. These products are designed for rock bottom level of bass extension possible during a small enclosure while maintaining extremely low levels of distortion.

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